Ascensions into heaven are like falling leaves
sad and happy all at the same time
Going away isn’t really sad especially when your going
enables a new kind of presence to be born.

Long have the leaves known the trees
They’ve danced together in the wind days upon days.
But now, growing older and wiser, they know they can’t
cling to the trees forever. And so they say good-bye
falling to the ground waiting for the mystery of death
to transform them into nourishment for the earth.

And the trees?
They stand alone for one short season but they are at peace, waiting for another mystery to enfold them with its presence.

When I saw you leaving I covered my face with my heart
Oh, the ache of letting go but then I remembered the trees
and so I stood in peace remembering your return.

When you come back we will be new for each other.
Much will have happened in our lives. There will be more for each of us to love more for each of us to know.
The Spirit will have left a footprint in our lives, and we will be excited like a new leaf come home to a tree!