Celebrating the sacraments is at the core of our parish life. Our big moments in life are marked in a solemn way from womb to tomb.

On this page we will provide all the details for the celebration of the sacraments and there is a link to more information on each sacrament.


Baptisms are usually celebrated individually. It is usual to book a baptism through the parish office or the Priest. A baptism on Sunday is always at 1 o’clock. Parents and or Sponsors should bring along a baptismal candle and a christening shawl.



Confirmation is normally celebrated with children in 6th class in our primary schools.Our Bishop is inclined to celebrate the sacrament every second year in each parish.The alternating year Confirmation is normally celebrated by the Parish Priest.


First Holy Communion

First Confession and First Communion are normally celebrated in our parish with 2nd Class children in our primary schools.There is usually an enrolment celebration during the first term of the school year.



When a death occurs one of the Priests as well as the funeral undertaker should be contacted by the family or next of kin. Arrangements, shape of the liturgy, readings, music, family participation etc can then be discussed and decided upon well in time.



Weddings are celebrated throughout the year but a law in the Diocese prohibits weddings on Sundays. The universal church prohibits weddings on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Attendance at a pre- marriage course is obligatory in our Diocese. The Irish Bishops only accept the Accord, Esker and Mount Argus courses as adequate preparation for Church weddings. Information on pre-marraige courses, booking of weddings and a protocol for weddings in the parish are all available from the parish office.


Sacrament of the Sick

Both Priests take Communion to the housebound once a month mainly on the First Friday or the days surrounding it. Some Lay Ministers of the Eucharist also bring Communion to some housebound parishioners. Please contact the parish office or one of the Priests if you feel anyone needs this Ministry.



The Sacrament of Confession is normally available after the 10 a.m. Mass on Saturday mornings and before the 7.30 p.m. Vigil Mass on Saturday evenings.Confession is, of course, always available on request from either of the Priests. Also for Lent and Christmas there is an opportunity for confession on some evening before the Feast.