In communion we receive the Body and Blood of Christ.
Communion is also created among each one of us.
We are the Body of Christ.

The Priest Takes, Blesses, Breaks and Gives
(these four verbs are very important)
In the Eucharist bread is taken blessed, broken and given
In life we are taken, blessed, broken and given.
The Priest takes the bread in his hands and blesses it during the eucharistic prayer;
then he breaks it and it is given to us as the body of Christ. Through our birth and baptism we are taken into God’s hands; as the bread is taken, so too are we.
We are broken by failure, sin, pain and heartbreak;
as the bread is broken, so too are we.
In death we are given back to the mystery from which we came; as the bread is given, so too are we.
When we take, bless, break and give bread to one another, we believe the Lord to be especially present in our midst. But we must learn to accept that in his memory we will be taken, blessed, broken and given for the life of the world.