Feast of Christ the King

And how is he King?
Jesus Christ, of heaven and earth mocked and killed
through the cruelty of his people – a king?
Just in paradise? Or now, today?
Where is his power? How is he powerful?

This man – one – single life –
Who has been the most predominant influence on
human history.

His power is seen on a cross,
And the cross his throne.
May we see him at his truest there,
Forgetful of self,
Mindful of the thief beside him on Calvary –
‘today you will be with me in paradise’.

His power is in the weakness of love, and the strength
of compassion. His leadership is in the sharing of
struggles and in his vision of humanity. His attraction
is in his care for all and in his urgency for justice.
His influence is from the truth of God and his desire that this word be heard in the way we live.

A king not only of the future but of today, not only of
Heaven but of earth, not of power but of service, for he
comes among us as one who serves.

Compassion, love, forgiveness, truth. Wholehearted
care and acceptance of us all; this is Jesus the King,
fully human, fully divine,
Son of God and Son of Mary.