Follow me

We follow Jesus, like the Twelve,
because we are drawn by him;
drawn and attracted by the way
this man Jesus lives, speaks, suffers, dies and rises.

Something in him appeals;
maybe it’s the wish to heal,
or his love for the poor,
or his forgiveness, so total,
or his desire to change the world,
or because he stands for what is good:
for justice, peace, equality.

Or just because he is a friend,
and because he is the face of God,
the word of God, the son of God.

Like us, in all but our sin,
one of us, son of God,
and son of Mary too.

People left a lot to follow him,
they left their dreams and their burdens,
their families, and their businesses
and gave up their lives,
drawn, attracted, challenged
as we are now, by his words:
Come, follow me.