Laying Down My Burdens

Cross-bearer and Wearer of the Wood,

many are the burdens that press with force

upon my spirit as I trudge through life.

These cares and concerns weight heavily,

pushing their energy upon both mind and heart,

taking their toll, lessening my power to love well.

These burdens shape themselves into leaden anchors

of growling self-pity and loss of self-confidence.

They snatch away joy and destroy empathy.

Today I choose to release their useless weight.

I am ready to stop dragging them alongside me.

Here are my troubles, struggles, and afflictions.

I lay them down before your cross.   I let them go.

I undo the clutching of shame, guilt, and blame.

I step back from painful patterns of the past

that leak into my current thinking and behaviour.

I do not need to drag down my life under the bulk

of these needless burdens bearing weight on me.

I deliberately move on with fresh freedom,

placing faith in your strength and compassion.

I leave my burdens here with you today.

I will not take them back.