Our Parish

I want you to imagine in front of you a most wonderful tree. This tree represents our parish. From its trunk we can tell its age. Over the years it has weathered many a storm, including recent times. Many branches are strong and sturdy, some are worse for wear others are young and are braving the elements.

Each branch represents an area of our parish and of our belief system. Take a moment to become aware of this tree and the many different areas of our parish that it symbolises. Many branches are obvious. Others are tucked away from sight, but all contribute to the overall grandeur of the tree.You may wish to stand back from it and admire it or you may wish to sit under it with your back to the trunk and feel the massive support therein.

You may find as you look at this tree, its branches its leaves, that some of the leaves have withered and turned brown. There are signs that from time to time branches have fallen off. Over time many branches have grown old and decayed and have fallen to the base of the tree. Others have been cut off. These leaves and branches, though decayed and rotten, have replenished the earth and nourished the roots of the tree.

Become aware of the strength that comes with having
secure roots that are constantly being nourished.
Nothing is ever lost. Every idea our parish has had,
whether used or discarded, has led to where we are today and to who we are today. Many ideas have blown in on the wind. Some have remained. Others have been blown around elsewhere, only to be replenished and recycled and to come back stronger than ever.

Each branch represents some aspect of parish life. Some are very strong and support smaller branches and leaves. But all the branches are needed to give this parish its identity and to support and comfort all who come within its compass. This tree has room for us all. All of our ideas and needs will hopefully find support and nourishment here.
The firm trunk represents our faith, which is deeply rooted in our belief in Jesus Christ and in the scriptures – the Good News which gives us our depth, and the nourishment and support that we need. Each new branch and leaf that appears shows our learning, our growth and our faith development.

Over the years the shape of the tree has changed.
It will need to continue to change, to suit the environment and the needs of the day. It will need to be pruned and fed, so that it continues to provide the best nourishment and support for those who depend on it.

Similarly, as a parish we too will need to change.
We need to be open to new ideas and viewpoints that are different from our own, in order to keep alive and productive the great gift of faith and community that we have here in
our parish. (Anne Daly)